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Launch and manage your US Business from anywhere.

Establish your LLC in a US state of your choice, granting you the flexibility to oversee and run your business seamlessly from any location across the globe. Enjoy the advantages of a versatile and internationally accessible business structure.

USA LLC Benefits For Non Resident

LLCs in the United States present several potential benefits compared to alternative business structures.

Expanding your audience in the US

Broaden your reach within the U.S., access a variety of online services, and safeguard your personal assets in the event of a legal dispute.

Get Paid in USD

Receive payments in U.S. dollars, Now it is easy to set up a business bank account for your LLC.

Starting a New Business Can Be Both Thrilling and Financially Demanding.

Creating an LLC in the USA, especially as a non-resident, can indeed be a complex endeavor. You're dealing with varying rules in each state, numerous vital steps, and a slew of essential paperwork. Mistakes can be costly. That's precisely where we come into play. We're here to aid individuals worldwide in establishing their foothold in the USA and achieving their business aspirations.

In the USA, every state has its own distinct rules, requirements, and fees governing the formation of an LLC. This complexity can be daunting, but that's where we come in. We're here to offer expert guidance, assisting you in selecting the state that perfectly aligns with your specific business requirements.

Recommended States for Establish Your Non Resident LLC in USA

300$ State Fee, No Annual Fee & 0 Income Tax

Texas LLC

125$ State Fee, 138.75$ Annual Fee & Income Tax Free State

Florida LLC

100$ State Fee, 60$ Annual Fee & No Income Tax

Wyoming LLC

90$ State Fee, 300$ Yearly Fee & Variable Income Tax 2.20 to 6.60

Delaware LLC

Need Some Expert Guidance? Lets Connect!

Here is the Best Part!

Setting up a non-resident LLC in the USA can indeed be intricate. You’ll require an address, a U.S. phone number, a professional email, and a series of legal steps to navigate. However, fear not – PitGet is here for you.

We bundle everything into a convenient package.

  • US Address for your LLC (12 Months)
  • US Phone Number (12 Months)
  • Registered Agent (12 Months)
  • Business Name Check
  • Business Bank Account Assistance
  • Prepare the LLC Articles of Organization Form
  • Get an Employer Identification Number (EIN)
  • Obtain Business Licenses and Permits
  • 1 Domain and 1 Professional Email (12 Moths)

As a comprehensive service agency, we offer all the services mentioned under one roof for your non-resident LLC in the USA. Additionally, simply pay the fee, and we’ll expertly manage all your legal work.

Our experts are available around the clock to support you.

State Fee + 430$

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Frequently asked questions

Can i form a us llc as no resident?

Yes, you can form a US LLC as a non-resident. Many states allow non-US residents to establish LLCs. However, you may need a registered agent, a physical US address, and an EIN (Employer Identification Number). Specific requirements can vary by state, so it’s advisable to seek legal or professional guidance like PitGet Digital Agency to ensure compliance with local regulations.

Which state i have to choose to file my LLC?

The choice of which state to file your LLC in depends on your business needs and goals. Some popular options for non-residents include Delaware, Wyoming, and Taxes due to their favorable business regulations. However, the best state for your LLC may vary based on factors such as taxes, business activity, and location.

Why i have to take agent service for my LLC?

Engaging a registered agent service for your LLC in USA as non resident is often required by law and offers several key benefits.

  • Legal Requirement: Many states mandate that LLCs have a registered agent with a physical address within the state to receive legal documents.
  • Privacy: Using a registered agent helps maintain your privacy by keeping your personal address off public records.
  • Consistency: A registered agent ensures that you receive important documents promptly.
  • Compliance: Registered agents are experienced in legal and compliance matters, helping you meet your obligations as a business owner.
  • Flexibility: If you’re not always available, a registered agent ensures that you don’t miss any important documents or notices.

it can save you time, help protect your privacy, and ensure that your LLC remains compliant with state regulations.

Can i open a bank account in United States with LLC as non resident ?

Yes, it is possible for a non-resident to open a bank account in the USA for their US LLC. However, the process and requirements may vary between banks and depend on the specific circumstances. Some common requirements may include having an EIN (Employer Identification Number), a physical US address, and other documentation. We are here to help you out with no additional charges.